Python script & assigning python file object as knife output table

Hello All,
In Python script node I need to assign file object to knime output table. This output is then used in next python script.
When executing this next python script node, it outputs an error message (‘text IO wrapper has no let()’)

I do not know how to handle this error, can you help on this ?

Many thanks !!

@olivier92410 you should check if the “f” object you import at the end is a pandas data frame. You might have to convert it. Maybe you could provide an example where this problem occurs.

If you just want to transfer it as an object you should use pickle. You can either just write that to the hard drive or transfer it via the KNIME Python object ports.

The blue object port can pickle any Python object you want:


Many thanks for your reply, I confirm “f” is not converted in data frame format. I understand this step is missing !
I’m going to correct it,

Thank you again !

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