Python script error in example workflow

I am having a problem within and example workflow which i downloaded from workflows/Fig_4_PP_GPCR_cross-reactivity.knwf at master · 3D-e-Chem/workflows · GitHub

The python script that is found within the “E_Value_Stats” and “Predicted_target_evalue” metanodes will not execute (within the node Python script (1=>1))

The error line that is displayed is
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘charmap’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u0413’ in position 598: character maps to

I have attatched part of the workflow, that has the same information and error

python error.knwf (18.3 KB)


I changed the last part to a .from_dict(ionary) setting and it seems to work. It could be that with other data structures you would have to add parameters to the .from_dict part *1)



kn_example_python_error.knar (973.3 KB)

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Thank you! worked for me

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