Python Script node - Autocompletion does not work

Im using KNIME 4.3 and 4.4 on a WIN machine.
When typing Python code in the ‘Python Script’ node and trying to activate the ‘autocompletion’ a Warning appears in the console windows of the node (and no autocompletion happens).

I encountered this problem in KIME 4.3 and 4.4
Best Erich

For me autocompletion only works on python modules not on the actual dataframe table. I do not get a warning issue. Maybe you want to check your python version (environment).

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Thx Daniel for your reply - but I get the same Warning when using the autocompletion on any Class/object.

I’m using a freshly created ENV in Anconda (with Python 3.8.11, jedi 0.18.0 ) having no problems with my Jupyter Notebooks - including autocompletion.

However, the warning shown is thrown in a TRY-EXCEPT block in a KNIME plugin calling Jedi (see scode below). Unfortunately, even the log file has no more information

… Snippet from the File

if self.has_auto_complete():
# get possible completions by using Jedi and providing the source code, and the cursor position
# note: the line number (argument 2) gets incremented by 1 since Jedi’s line numbering starts at 1
completions = jedi.Script(source_code, line + 1, column, None).completions()
# extract interesting information
for index, completion in enumerate(completions):
response.append({‘name’:, ‘type’: completion.type, ‘doc’: completion.docstring()})
except Exception:
warnings.warn(“An error occurred while autocompleting.”)
return response

Hi @Erich_Gstrein,

Some versions of jedi have shown to work only unreliably with KNIME in the past.

Could you try downgrading jedi to 0.13, restart KNIME (to make sure any cached Python processes are cleared), and check if the problem persists?



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