Python Script node fails with socket write error


I'm facing a problem running Python Script node within a loop of ~550 iterations, the error happens in random itteration, when I rerun the failing iteration it works fine. 

The error:

ERROR     Python Script                      Execute failed: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Can someone advise if this is a Python or Knime node issue? any suggestion of how to solve it? 

python version: 2.7.10

Knime version: 2.11.3


Thanks a lot in advance

The Python nodes start a Python process in the background and then communicate with it via network sockets. This network connection seems to sometimes disconnect on your machine.

I tried reproducing it but a loop with 10000 iterations ran through without a problem.

Have you tried it with KNIME 2.12.2?

Can you provide an example workflow?