Python script node in Knime 5.2.1

Hi all.

I’m trying to use the Python Script node in my Knime 5.2.1 installation with Anaconda set up (Python 3.11.6). In Knime preferences it looks like it’s picking up the Python environment correctly:

The Python Script node is also configured to use this Conda environment.

If I try and execute my Python script, it throws an error (Execution failed: Could not connect to the Python process.)

When I use the legacy Python Script node, it works 100% fine.

What can I try do get the normal Python Script node to also work?

Dear @koeties,

the Preference page should show that the base environment is not compatible. That is an issue on our side (internal ticket: AP-21724), I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I suggest to either use the bundled environment (if you check the radio button bundled) or create an environment which has all the necessary packages according to this page.

Does that work for you?

Best regards


Thank you. Switched to a new environment with knime scripting installed and it’s working as expected.


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