Python scripting nodes have incorrect node description

After updating to KNIME 3.5.1 and welcoming the new-style Python scripting nodes out of the Labs into the Scripting folder as fully-fledged members of the KNIME family, I've noticed that all of these nodes seem to have the same summary at the top of their Node Description, i.e.

This node allows custom creation of a (Python compatible) deep learning network in a local Python installation via a user-defined script. The path to the Python executable has to be configured in Preferences → KNIME → Python.

Presumably this is not intended, as these nodes can be used for much more than deep learning networks!

Hi Tom,

this is weird! Thank you for reporting this, I will forward this to our developers and have this fix to the next bug fix.

Cheers, Iris 

Hi Tom,

just a quick follow up: We already fixed the problem and it should be resolved on our latest nightly build. The next bug-fix release will contain the fix as well. Thanks for pointing out the problem.


PS: Happy new year ;-)

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