Python snippet, configuration overwritten


I have written several Python templates for Knime and am constantly coming across this bug: When I first select the template I want to use, I am sent to the configuration dialog where I set the necessary values. After closing the configuration dialog I can successfully run the script and all is well. The problem is that when I reopen the configuration dialog, say to change some parameter, all the previous values are gone. The filechooser has no file in it and all the textfields seem to be overridden by the default-value of the textfield specififed last in the xml file. Only the column choices are persistent. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

I am on Ubuntu 14.4, 64bit btw

I've had similar problems with the R Snippet node.  For a recent GUI, I'd included 4 panellistboxes (the fact that the visible-row-count doesn't work made it especially ugly).  When I would reconfigure, one of the panellistboxes would have the values from a different one.  There seemed to be some pattern to it, as the behaviour changed depending on how many panellistboxes I included.


To get around the filechooser resetting, I include a filechooser element to help users find the path, then I have textfield element(s) below where they copy and paste the path(s).  It's an extra copy and paste step, and it has to be explained to the user, but it at least prevents them having to find the file again (for most of my GUIs I imagine this is the most time-consuming part).


I'm also curious whether there is a proper solution to this issue.


BTW, I see you're using Ubuntu.  Have you tried editing templates with 2.10?  This no longer works for me (using Mavericks).

Thanks for your reply. Your work-around is bit too unintuitive for me. Also the textfields aren't persistent as well, so it would probably not work for me anyway.

As to your question: I've set up a little framework to develop and test my templates outside of Knime. Although if by edit you mean changing the code in the "Source" tab, I can confirm that that's not possible here. I don't know if it ever was though, because I've never wanted to do so.

Thanks for that info. 


Perhaps the textfield behaviour is specific to Linux.  I  created a Python Snippet GUI including a textfield element with default-value set, and my new entry was persistent.





could you provide a very simple rgg-template to me which shows that behaviour? The might help to reproduce the bug (and I guess it is a bug).

Sorry for the very late answer. Any template shows that behavior, but take for example the interface defined in this one: