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I try to use Plotly express in Pythov view based on Example Python View using Plotly Express and Kaleido – KNIME Community Hub

In the Python View dialog when I execute the script is all OK, I recieve the message that the execution was successful. But when I execute the node I recieve the error message
“ERROR Python View 5:29 Execute failed: EndVector() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given”

Plotly express.knwf (1.0 MB)

What is wrong?

Thank you for help

Hi @andrejz

In my case (using Python 3.6.13) your test workflow works fine. Could you maybe share a screenshot of your KNIME python configuration under File > Preferences > KNIME > Python? Are you maybe using Python2 by accident?

Kind regards

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I did not use python 2. I was on Python 3.8.8. and Anacaonda base environment.
In the mid time I uninstall Anaconda and install it again (now I am on Python 3.8.12) and now works without errors.

Thank you


How odd, might have been some library version incompatibility.
Thanks for explaining how you got it to work!

Kind regards

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