Python View: Multiple Inputs?

Hi there,

is there any chance to get two tables into the Python View Node? I would like to plot some results from two tables without a complex merging in advance.
Or: The python script node allows two inputs. Is there a way to create an output from this node? Probably by saving the image in a file, but without?


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Hi @ActionAndi -

It turns out we do have a ticket for this feature in our system (AP-15520). I’ve added a +1 from you on that ticket. :+1:

Have you tried to just import the data from the local disk. Since the ports of the KNIME python nodes are more for convenience and keeping the workflows consistent, but you could just import all data and export all graphics you would need.

But I found a more convinient way: Just use the “Python Script” Node! It’s possible to add input and output terminals. And the output terminal can be defined as “image port”. So it seems that the “Python Script” node can be changed to a “Python View” node.