Python xlwings package in KNIME

I am using Python nodes in KNIME to write output directly to an excel file using Python package xlwings. This all worked absolutely fine until I updated to KNIME 5.2 and now I get several errors. When I configure the Python node I get the following error in the console

Starting the language server failed: Cannot run program “C:\Users\Paul.Twine.eclipse\903338280_win32_win32_x86_64\bundling\envs\org_knime_pythonscripting\python.exe”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

This appears to be pointing to the path for the bundled Python configuration even though I have chosen to point to my Conda Python distribution. The first error raised was

:x: Execution failed: An exception was raised by the Python Proxy. Return Message: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Paul.Twine.eclipse\903338280_win32_win32_x86_64\plugins\org.knime.python3.scripting.nodes_5.2.0.v202311281042\src\main\”, line 279, in object_to_string
string = str(obj)
and the Python code for the Node is

import as knio
import numpy as np
import xlwings as xlw
strFilePath = “C:\Users\Paul.Twine\Downloads\”
strFileName = “20231116_RfA_Haemophilia_Society_UKHCDO_Stats.xlsx”
strFile = r’C:\Users\Paul.Twine\Downloads\20231116_RfA_Haemophilia_Society_UKHCDO_Stats.xlsx’
arrKnimeOut = knio.input_tables[0]
knio.output_tables[0] = arrKnimeOut
arrPanda = arrKnimeOut.to_pandas()
arrOut = arrPanda.to_numpy()
arrOut = arrOut[np.argsort(arrOut[:,0])]
arrGenderValues = np.array([‘F’,‘M’,‘N’,‘U’])
intTable2Row = 14
arrCountsAndMedian = np.zeros([4,2])
print(knio.flow_variables[‘strExcelFilePath’] + knio.flow_variables[‘strExcelFilename’])
with xlw.App(visible=False) as app:
wb = xlw.Book(knio.flow_variables[‘strExcelFilePath’] + knio.flow_variables[‘strExcelFilename’])
wb = xlw.Book(strFile)
for i in range(len(arrOut)):
intCount = 0
fltMedian = 0.0
intRow = np.where(arrGenderValues == str(arrOut[i,0]))[0]
if len(intRow) > 0:
arrCountsAndMedian[intRow,0] = arrOut[i,1]
arrCountsAndMedian[intRow,1] = arrOut[i,2]
wb.sheets[0].range(“B” + str(intTable2Row)).options(transpose=True).value = arrCountsAndMedian[:,0]
wb.sheets[0][“B”+ str(intTable2Row+len(arrGenderValues))].value = np.sum(arrOut[:,1])


@PaulTwineUKHC maybe you can check if you are using the official Python integration and have set up the node to actually use your Conda environment. Also you might want to share a sample workflow.

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