Qualifications Round - Results

Hi teams,

The results of the qualifications round to the KNIME Game of Nodes are finally available. :boom: :smiley:

Check the tournament bracket below to see if your team made it to the Round of 16. If your team name appears in the image below, you should probably go check your team’s private space on the KNIME Community Hub β†’ Spaces of KNIME Game of Nodes – KNIME Community Hub :smiley:.

:pushpin: Results (also available here) β†’ Game of Nodes

We really appreciated your enthusiasm, as well as the proficiency and beauty of your solutions :pray:. Even if, unfortunately, your team did not qualify to the Round of 16, be assured that you did a great job :heart: but your competitors really did go the extra mile.

To give you a taste of the wonderful solutions we had the pleasure to assess, check Team FI-Reunited’s work - they probably took the encouragement to go the extra mile a bit too serious :sunglasses: :grin:

Happy KNIMEing,