Query- Deployment of KNIME workflows in local server + options available

Hi team, I am new to this platform and I want to know on deployment process of KNIME. Please someone enlighten me on it.

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You can refer to this documentation for Deployment in KNIME.





Hi @Aditi_16,

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Can we use these workflows for productionizing? any use cases?

Of Course, you can use workflows for productionizing.
You can do following on Business Hub

  • Data App: You can deploy a workflow as a Data App.
  • Schedule: Schedule workflows for automatic execution at a specified time.
  • Service: Create an API Service to facilitate workflow access via external calls.
  • Trigger: Implement trigger-based deployments for specific events.

Pls refer the above documentation.

You can get use cases on KNIME Business Hub and on KNIME Community Hub.


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Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate your kind nature for helping me out on this.

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Thanks, Happy to help . :smile:

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Do we need subscription for deploying?

You need access to Business Hub.
You can get 2 months limited access from KNIME website for any course.

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If I buy subscription of Business Hub, then will there be any trial period or free credits?

Check this link

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