Query GraphQL API

This workflow snippet demonstrate an example query to a GraphQL API. The Opentargets Platform provides a GraphQL API, which supports queries for a single target, disease/phenotype, drug, or target-disease association. In this example we provide the Ensembl Gene ID to get further informations like approved symbol, approved name, description, genomic location (chromosome, start- and endpoints), alternative genes, unique diseases and unique drugs. The Ensembl IDs are provided in a table and the query is define in the String Manipulation node. The query is transformed to a JSON format, so it can be send as a request body in the POST request node. The response JSON is parsed using the JSON Path node and a simple Column Filter node removes the JSON query column for a cleaner table. For more informations about the Opentarget Platform GraphQL API see the documentation: https://platform-docs.opentargets.org/data-access/graphql-api To get an understanding of the Opentarget Platform GraphQL API and test different queries, please use the Opentarget Platform GraphQL Playground: https://api.platform.opentargets.org/api/v4/graphql/browser

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Hello. I want to use this workflow but it’s not working for me. Always result body is red “?”. Can you help me?