Query multiple Google Analytics Profiles


I'd like to create a workflow that queries multiple Google Analytics profiles and appends the results in one table.

To me, this seems not to be as straigt forward in KNIME as I originally thought.

Here are my questions:

1. I'd like to control the start date and end date for the queries using Date Input nodes and flow variables.

Problem & Question: The Variable Inport of the Google Analytics Query node allows only one input node. I'd like to connect this node with a node specifying the start date an one specifying the end date. Is that possible?

2. I have created a "Multiple Selections" node. Here I'd like to specify from which GA profiles I'd like to get my data. 

Question: How do I create a loop that loops over the selected profiles?

3. After using the Google Analytics Query Node I'd like to add a new colum (using Variable To Table Column Node) to the resulting data. This colum should be constant and show the profile ID of the used GA profile. I assumed that this ID would be available in the  Google Analytics Query Node and that I would be able to pass it to the Variable To Table Column Node as a flow variable. This seems not to be possible, or I am doing someting wrong.

As you can see I am quite stuck everywhere. And I think that KNIME is really lacking the possibilty to get data from multiple GA Profiles.

Any help is greatly appreciated.






I will try to answer all questions.

1. You can override the dates in the GA Query node using Flow Variables

2. You can make the list of all your profiles, then feed it into a Table row to variable Loop Start, build your loop body inside, and close the loop with a Loop End node. Something similar but with a Counting Loop Start node has been built in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjRshv5FD-k

3. You should have the profile ID as a flow variable from the loop anyway.


-- Rosaria