Querying Dates in MongoDB Reader

Hi all,
I’m trying to figure out how to query dates in mongodb reader. Jongo use a different template and it doesn’t work on knime mongodb reader.

in mongodb shell the query is: { “deliveryAt”: { $gte: ISODate(“2018-03-01T11:45:00.000+0000”) } }, but I can’t use ISODATE in mongodb reader.
I also tried with the epoch unit system, but it doesn’t work.
It seems like mongodb reader works only with numbers and strings.
Any suggestion?

Hi, how did you use the epoch unit system? Did you just give it a timestamp as the number of seconds since 1970?
Kind regards,

Hi Alexander, thank you for your reply. Yes, I did it. In my mongodb database I have a field {“deliveryAt”: 2018-02-28T20:30:00.000Z}, where the value is a Date and not a string.
If I’d like to have all the documents with deliveryAt less then today at 4 pm, I set the query in this way:
{ “deliveryAt”: { $lte: 1520438400000 } }
I don’t have an error, but the results are wrong.
kind regards

Hi, I currently can’t access my computer and can’t try it myself, but it seems like you are using the number of milliseconds. What about removing three zeros from the timestamp?

Hi, already tried and same result. No error and wrong results (empy table).

Was there ever a resolution to this? I’ve tried a few different ways, and either get no results (when there certainly should be) or get the error: “Execute failed: Cannot parse query”