Question about KNIME Portal Meta Database


Is it possible to change the H2 database, a meta database used by the KNIME Web Portal, to an RDB such as MySQL or MariaDB?

We want to check the table inside the meta database used by the KNIME Web Portal in real time.
I want to know what changes occur in the table when I run tasks such as user registration on Portal.

Additionally, where can I find out the ‘Job uuid’ (used by the KNIME server REST API) in the workflow deployed on the KNIME server?

Hello @pigret113,

It should be possible but we would not recommend it as this is used for the internal H2 user-database (if you don’t use enterprise authentication like LDAP or OAUTH) and the internal storage format might change over time. It would be migrated if needed for sure if the standard H2 RDBMS is used.

The unique Job ID is created for each job independently of the workflow.

I would recommend to use the REST functionality to monitor the KNIME Server regularly.
Please have a look at these blog posts to have an introduction of the REST capabilities regarding KNIME Server:
1. The KNIME Server REST API
2. Explore REST Capabilities for RESTful Workflows


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