question about knime(py) library

Hi all!!

I have a small question about the use of knime(py) library to execute workflows from python scripts. Does it requires the KNIME Server version or is it possible to run KNIME workflows from python scripts even with the KNIME analytics platform base version?
And also, is KNIME server needed to execute KNIME workflows in batch mode?

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Hi @qwerty1

I don’t know this python library, but I know you can run workflows in batch mode: see
Although the shown command for WIndows shows parameters “-consoleLog -noexit” my experience is to skip those (otherwise Knime will not stop after executing the workflow).

On the other hand: if you have Knime-server, you wouldn’t need Python to execute these workflows. Knime server will take care of it.

Hello @qwerty1,

check out these blog posts for more about KNIME and Python Integration:


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