Question about 'sorter' node

Hello all.

I’m learning KNIME system to replace Excel.

I tried to use ‘sorter’ node to see the highest number in a string.

However, even i use that node and set to sort by ‘descending’, numbers in a string were not changed.


please see the attached file i uploaded

how can i solve this problem?

or, if you have any recommendation to see the highest number, please tell me.

Thank you.

Hi @kimsd0826

Replacing EXCEL with KNIME is always +1

To sort your input column in the desired order, you have to be aware of the column-type. Your input is a string, and the sorter node treats it as a string.
You have convert your string-column to an integer-column, by using the String to Number node or the Table Manipulator node.
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gr. Hans


Thanks for the reply but I still have a problem to understand.

Could you tell me what is the difference between string-column and integer-column?

Btw, I could solve the problem. Thank you!

One is recognized as a number, the other isn’t.

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