Question about 'sorter' node

Hello all.

I’m learning KNIME system to replace Excel.

I tried to use ‘sorter’ node to see the highest number in a string.

However, even i use that node and set to sort by ‘descending’, numbers in a string were not changed.


please see the attached file i uploaded

how can i solve this problem?

or, if you have any recommendation to see the highest number, please tell me.

Thank you.

Hi @kimsd0826

Replacing EXCEL with KNIME is always +1

To sort your input column in the desired order, you have to be aware of the column-type. Your input is a string, and the sorter node treats it as a string.
You have convert your string-column to an integer-column, by using the String to Number node or the Table Manipulator node.
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gr. Hans


Thanks for the reply but I still have a problem to understand.

Could you tell me what is the difference between string-column and integer-column?

Btw, I could solve the problem. Thank you!

One is recognized as a number, the other isn’t.

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Hey all,

good things come to those who wait: on behalf of our developers (praise goes to @hotzm !), I’m happy to announce that a alphanumeric sort order has been implemented in the sorter node, the table view, and most other places where sorting is done. Check it out in the new KNIME Version 4.7.1! Of course, backward compatibility is not broken, so e.g. the GroupBy/Pivot Nodes still sort strings the old fashioned way. Also, this was already available in 4.7.0 in case you didn’t notice :slight_smile:



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