Question about the running status of Workflow on the server

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I have a question about the status of Workflow behavior on the server.

I am running a ML statistical analysis that takes a long time with a Python Script node in a WorkFlow on Server.

After a long time, when I look at the Workflow status, it shows the operation status as white instead of green as shown below.

Should I assume that the Workflow has failed in this case? In the KNIME logs on the server, I don’t see any logs related to failures, stops, etc. Also, the Workflow is not clickable.

I would be grateful if you could let me know what could be causing the white marks.


This means that the job has vanished. This usually happens if the executor is forcibly restarted or has crashed. Can you check the logs if such an event occurs. Also good to check is the system event log. If the executor’s Xmx parameter (max heap space) is set too high, it tries to acquire more memory from the OS than is available and it is shut down. In the system log this appeared as oom_killer message. This could also be an issue for you because you have a long-running and maybe memory-intensive Python script running. This runs in a separate process and is not subject to KNIME memory management, so it could be that the Python process takes away all the main memory from the executor process, causing it to crash. If you can’t find out anything from the logs yourself, feel free to contact for our enterprise support. Make sure to provide them with the logs and a link to this forum post.
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