[Question] Call Prediction and Erlang C ?


I’m using KNIME 5.2.0 but I’m not expert.

I am working at a call center company and we would like to make a monthly call forecast and determine the number of representative needed. It takes a lot of time when doing it with Excel, so I want to do it via knime.

  1. How can I predict calls in the coming months by looking at past data? (I have historical data)
  2. How can I determine the number of staff needed using erlang c?
  3. How can I predict the SL value that may occur?

A time series model seems to be the right approach. I’m not an expert in this. You might take a look at these resources. I’m not sure how a time series could be integrated into Erlang c calculations, but if you have the right historical data you could do the calculations in Knime. Same for service level if you have the necessary historical data.