Question "Challenge 11 - Ask me Anything with GPT-3"

Hi everyone, I just recently downloaded from Knime Hub the “Knime Challenge 11 - Ask me Anything with GPT-3” solution, but when running the workflow (after typing my API code) the workflow outputs an empty cell.

With the following message:

Missing Value ({“error”: {"message:“You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”, “type”:“insufficient_quota”, “param”:null, “code”:“insufficient_quota”}})

Just to clarify if you need to pay to OpenAi to run this workflow

Thank you

You need an account with Open AI and to setup an API token on their website in order to use this workflow.

However the API came with an initial credit for testing and setup when I set it up.

Hi thank you, I already have an account and the API was typed in the workflow. When looking at the pricing webpage I guess the model should be Davinci.

Thank you

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That is the model that I have used for chat GPT workflows.

“ The second API is the OpenAI API. It allows access to GPT-3’s “text-davinci-003” model for text completion and generation. “Text-davinci-003” is the most powerful version currently available (as of Feb 2023), and it includes training data up until June 2021”

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Thank you I added my payment details and now I can run the workflow



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