Question - How to get KNIME Hub URL within a workflow

When I right-click a component/workflow/folder and go to ‘Copy Location’

I get the following put into my clipboard:
This is exactly what’s needed to go to the same location using my browser.

Question - how do I get this same information using nodes in a workflow?

I have tried connecting to the hub space…
… but that doesn’t yield that URL info.

Hi @ajackson,

it is not quite clear to me what you would like to do with the URL but maybe the Extract Context Properties node is of help?


Apologies for the lack of clarity.

I want to connect to a hub (using nodes) and get the “KNIME Hub URL” for any/all of the components listed there. The format of this URL looks like this:

I’m not looking to extract information from my current workflow (and the Extract Context Properties node doesn’t offer the Hub URL).

So for example, if I had 100 components on a Hub, I want to get the KNIME Hub URL for all of them into a table.

Thanks for the clarification. As follows a screenshot (ignore the other nodes, it is just a test workflow). Does this provide sufficient guidance to accomplish what you aim for?


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Sorry for the delayed response. I appreciate you putting this together.

What’s in the screenshot isn’t what I’m looking for.

The exact format I need is what is produced into the clipboard after going to Copy Location → KNIME Hub URL. e.g.:

This contains the path to the component/workflow, the name of it, and the short alphanumeric code at the end.

Background: Perhaps I have a niche use case - When I move a component around either on LOCAL or on a hub, I can update my workflows to tell it where the new location is. This works fine with LOCAL mountpoint, but for hub items I have to manually get the URL.