Question on Node ID

Hello, to whom it may concern,

I have a question with regards to the running Node ID.

I have a template workflow that contains all my commonly used component nodes/metanodes. Whenever I copy them from my template workflow into another workflow, the node ID will continue from e.g. node 5000.


  1. From efficiency point of view, will this running number cause any issue?
  2. Is there a way to automatically reset the running ID in a particular workflow?

Any respond is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Hi @bentheknimeuser , as far as I have experienced it, there should not be any issue from an efficiency point of view. It’s just a “name” in the end, since you can rename it to anything, even to something that has no numbers in it. Knime only cares about following the connections between nodes.

However, I would be interested to know the answer to your 2nd question as I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while - I’m a bit of a freak to keep the nodes “clean”, and if I’m using 30 nodes, I usually end up with using Node 1 to Node 30 in 99% of the cases - I basically know what nodes I need to use.

But there are the rare cases where I might have to change my mind, or realize after that I need to previously run some other node, or copy some nodes from another workflow, and this screws up my node sequence, and I would want to know how to reset the node sequence in these cases :wink:

Node IDs are unique therefore you cannot reset the counter. Otherwise we would need to keep track of which IDs are already used and which not. An ever-increasing number is the easiest and fastest way to create unique IDs.

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