[Question] Ranking within Group

I need help to perform ranking within group in KNIME.


The attached sample shows the end result. I hope to achieve the last column labeled, “Ranking”. The ranking is grouped by supervisor and resets when the supervisor changes.

Thanks very much!

Hi @Archangel

Something like this (use ranking mode = ordinal) and after the rank node use the sorter node to sort by Supervisor.


@HansS, thank you very very much!

I did a very stupid thing by going a roundabout way.


Thanks again!

@Archangel, it was not that stupid :grinning: to use a loop, you were almost there. I created a flow like you did but instead the Counter Generation node I used the Moving Aggregation node, with a count function for the manual-aggregation. Gr. Hans

rank_with_loop.knwf (27.2 KB)


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