Question re: Creation of Schemas in MS SQL Server using KNIME?

Hi Everyone,

I dug through the forum, documentation, and youtube before posting this question as I didn’t see a clear answer.

My team recently was given access to a new empty Data Mart on a MS SQL Server.
The Data Mart has no schemas other than the default ‘dbo’.

We’d like to exercise more control over our area’s structure and create new Schemas using KNIME.

However… after looking for an extended period of time - it doesn’t seem that there is a node or functionality within the existing DB nodes to do so.

I’m able to upload tables (and delete them) from the existing DBO schema, I was just hoping to be able to manage the full scope of this work in KNIME.

Is creation of new Schema’s possible with KNIME?

If so, if someone could point me in the correct direction I’d appreciate it.

Thank you for your time,


@NKlassen have you tried to use the

with a create statement like:

CREATE SCHEMA my_schema;


Of course lol sigh :person_facepalming:

I was just expecting it to be an option along with table creation nodes I guess.

Thanks for reminding me to go back to my SQL basics :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!



@NKlassen knime database nodes are very convenient but some operations are still best done in ‚pure‘ SQL :slight_smile:

You can also combine them and let knime write you some code that you would later use in other sql nodes:

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