Question regarding TomEE updates

All I am new to Knime support. Our security team found a vulnerability within the tomcat version currently installed. I have viewed the technical documents I could find (keeping in mind new to supporting the solution) and do not see a clear instruction on how to manage and update the TomEE.
Our current Knime version is: Version:
Security finding results listed below.
Installed version : 7.0.5
Fixed version : 7.0.100"



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While the Tomcat version KNIME Server uses at the moment may have security issues there is none that applies to KNIME Server (in its default configuration) to the best of our knowledge. Updating TomEE on your own is discouraged because it’s likely that a new version will break KNIME Server (there have been lots of incompatibilities in the past). Which particular security issue are you concerned about?

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Thank you for the input.