Question to Noding Guidelines

I am currently going through the checklist of the noding guidelines.
I realized that my node does not hold:
“If node applies auto-guessing and is immediately executable, opening and closing the dialog while the node is executed does not change settings, i.e. node stays executed”
First, it’s hard to troubleshoot why node and dialog settings are different.
Second, I realized that even several KNIME nodes do not fullfil that criteria (eg. “Column Filter”, “String to Number”, “Double to Int”, …)
I am wondering if it has something to do with the ColumnFilter panel.
If you have any hint if/how to fix that problem, I’ll be happy to try.

Hi @niederle,

This is indeed a problem with the ColumnFilter panel, it does not offer enough customization option for some use cases. I will investigate if there is some workaround for this problem.


@gab1one - If you are looking at the ColumnFilter panel, then maybe an option to adjust the default selection - this came up recently too here - By default exclude all columns in DataColumnSpecFilterPanel

(Actually that post is also by @niederle!)


the questions differ though they both have something to do with the ColumnFilter panel.

what do you mean with customization options? Did you also mix up my questions? For the other one this seems to be a customization problem indeed. This one though is more an implementation thing, no?
Just a comment: For most of the nodes using the ColumnFilter panel, I would prefer the exclusion of all columns by default. It’s rarely the case that I need all columns to be included. Usually, I only need a few and then I manually have to exclude all + selecting the ones I really need…

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It certainly breaks any possibility of backwards compatibility of node settings which is also in the noding guidelines to have to have all the columns selected, as most of the time if you are adding a column filter, then previously you had no columns selected, by definition.

(Also, I wasnt confusing your 2 questions, simply suggesting they might both be part of a wider look at the options and methods available in the ColumnFilter)


I’m not sure if I get your point.
Maybe you can cite the part of the noding guidelines your were referring to?

There is no issue of backwards compatibility if I implement a new node with that column filter or even if I drag a KNIME node with that column filter and realize that the requirements:
node autoconfigures > execute > open the dialog and close without modification => results in resetting the node (which should not be the case).