Questionaire / Masterthesis / Need help and search guys for the study about User Experience

Hello Guys,

im a student in economics and need guys to help me out with a study. I need someone who is experienced in the knime analytics plattform and can tell me something about their User Experience (its nor technical, some soft facts). It would be great if you can help me out! The study will take time for around 30 minutes.



Hi Patrick,

I work for KNIME, so I guess I disqualify for a User Experience study :slight_smile:

But if you have a link you can share, I am sure a lot of others would do the questionnaire.

Cheers, Iris


Hello Iris,

you are not disqualified, it is very appreciated because i think you are my right expert. It would be great if you would contact me directly on e-mail I need one Expert, because it is not a quantitative study :slight_smile: After i would like to call you and begin the interview via phone, it will take approx. 30 Minutes. It would be awesome if you can help me with your expertise!


Patrick :slight_smile:

I will send you a mail.