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Hi @Mark_Ortmann

Need some information for below points, It would be great if you can provide your response for below queries

  • Can you please tell me about KNIME server pricing details and what is extra feature are present which are not available in free version?

  • Can i get the major difference information in free vs license version in KNIME?


Hi @Ashuu11

I moved your questions into a new topic in our server category.

KNIME Server is a completely separate product, which enriches the features of the KNIME Analytic Platform with Collaboration, Automation, Management and Deployment. You can find a nice overview page here: KNIME Server | KNIME
You can find the pricing of KNIME Server here: KNIME Server Pricing | KNIME

If you have any other question, just reach out to us and we can have a call. Contact us | KNIME

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Hi @Iris

Can you pls tell me major Pros n Cons of using KNIME (Open source) in client location?


KNIME (free client version) does everything you want - from Excel processing, analytics/machine learning to automation tasks.

The KNIME Server (not free) is more of a extension to the free client version to enable scheduling of tasks (e.g. execute a process every hour) or sharing your processes on a web portal.

So as Iris wrote - they are two completly different products.
Just use the KNIME client and if you like it you can later look into the server extension.

Only con most people have in using the client version is that scheduling of tasks is hard to do.
We have a knime server at our company but most users also have the local (free) version installed.
But before we bought the server licence we used KNIME locally for ~2-3 years without issue. At a certain point it just makes life easier if you work on many workflows as a team or have many workflows you want to run daily/hourly.

Beside the scheduling, the free client version has no restrictions I am aware of :+1:


Is there any concerns about security in free version?

Hi @Ashuu11,

at least at our company (somewhat large) there are no security concerns with the client :thinking:
At least no more than with any other tool/software - e.g. having to install updates.

But as it is a open source software, you can be at least somewhat sure - that it is regulary checked for security issues by third parties :slight_smile:

Also quite large companies are using the (free) Knime version e.g. Continental/Siemens - so i guess at least a few security departments around the world already gave their thumbs-up :laughing:
Basically this is not some dark corner tool but a widely used softare :man_shrugging:t4:


@AnotherFraudUser @Iris @Mark_Ortmann

Can you please provide me your response for below queries:

Is there any way in KNIME (free client version) in which we can restrict the visibility of workflows like if we share the workflows to client so there should some restriction for visibility?

Above feature can be achieved in free version?

Annual subscription (based on 5 users and 8 cores) is 45.500 EUR, Is there any subscription available where number of users is not restricted and they can create unlimited workflows? if yes (KNIME Server Large) what is the pricing of that plan and if not then what is the cost to add new user in that subscription.

What is the meaning of 8 cores in annual subscription and in this subscription , any limit to create number of workflows ?

Hi @Ashuu11

The free version does not have any possibility to restrict workflow visibility. It is a stand-alone instance with no possibilities for collaboration. You can also not share workflows directly with the KNIME AP. You need to export them and send them via email, etc. before the second person can reimport them into his KNIME AP.

KNIME Server does not limit the number of workflows, the core will mostly limit the speed of your server. Very roughly you can say, the more cores the more workflows can be executed in parallel.

Can you send us a short email via our email? Than we can discuss the different licensing options in a call.

Kind regards, Iris

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