Quick and Easy aesthetic Plots

Hello fellow KNIME Users,

I know this might seem like a pretty basic question, but is there a quick and easy way to export my Plots in a goodlooking way?
I would be extremely grateful for some help as I´m already getting desperate here.

While I´m using my workflow, I am normally looking at the Data with the Scatter Plot Node.
When I export it from the scatter window, the Axis are often weird and I can not name the x or y axis.

This is fine and when you are looking at Data, but now I´m trying to Visualize it for my Thesis, so the plots should look better I think.
I tried using the KNIME Report but it also takes a lot of time.
-> It sometimes almost crashes when I open it.

I´m also having trouble to plot something over the Time. I used the “Extract Date and Time Field” Node to make my Date&Time Vector plottable. When I now want the X-Axis to have timeticks at every hour, and I set the Hour Column as X column, all my values get summarized in the Concerning Hour.(Over the day I now have 24 Points, whereas it should be a lot more…I only want the ticks in the x-Axis to be adequate.)

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi @oso91 -

Here’s a simple workflow where I generate some dummy data, add color by cluster, visualize using the Scatter Plot (JavaScript) node, and write to a file.


SimpleScatterPlotExport.knwf (10.3 KB)

The Scatter Plot (JavaScript) node has several configuration tabs, but you’ll probably be most interested in the Axis Configuration and General Plot Options.

For your time series plots, do you happen to have a workflow you can share?

Okay, this is a TestWorkflow i just built to show my problem. I want the Scatter to show all the values in chronological order. Yet the X-Axis should Only have a tick for every hour…

I´m trying to get a combination of the two scatters. The values from the nondiscrete one and the timeticks of the x-Axis from the Value-Discrete one.
I´m basically just trying to change the x-Axis - Timeticks on the second scatter

Knime_Forum_Question.knwf (16.3 KB)

I often use the R Table View node for this sort of control over plotting. You could also do it in the Python View node using matplotlib


If you use the Scatter Plot (Javascript) node - NOT the plain Scatter Plot node - you can put Date&Time values directly on the X-axis.

For example:

Will that work?

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