Quick form workflow variables not updating?

I have a metanode containg several quick form nodes linked to a python script node.

On the meta node, using righ-click configure to change the quick form values does not appear to be propagate to the python script node which is just executing on the quickform "default" values.

Any ideas what's going on; I'm sure this used to work...?

[Knime version 2.11.1]



Hi Steve, 

Hard to say without seeing a workflow.  Can you upload an example?


Simplest possible workflow behaves the same way on my system. See attached.

I'm having this issue as well. My meta node has quick form components that show up when I try to configure the meta node, but then the variables changed dont propagate into the meta node.  

I can confirm this problem with the Labs Quickforms (at least for the Integer Input (Labs)) with the eclipse 4.4 based KNIME 2.12 preview using Windows 7 64 bit version. Should it be used very differently than the old one? (The UI seems to be intuitive, but probably I missed something.)

(I should add that replacing the Labs Quickforms node with the old one, it works as expected.)

aborg - When I connected the old quickform nodes to my workflow, the configure option isn't even on the metanode. How did you get them to work? 


I removed all of the new ones. It seems they are not working well together. As I remember I modified nothing else.

Thank you! You're right. The official Quickform nodes work on their own, but they don't work if there is a single Quickform lab node in the workflow.

OK, replaced 'Labs" quickforms with the official ones, and the problems resolved itself.