Quick way to prepare an excel report

I have a workflow to combine some data from various sources which includes some images that I’m trying to make as simple as possible for a user to use. At the moment the only input is a file folder containing the various files that ultimately feeds through to a “Data to Report” node. I then click the “Open the report associated with this workflow for editing” button, then the dropdown button “View Report” and select the report format to export.

Is there a simple way I can setup a shortcut so the user doesn’t have to go through the report editor page every time?

Hi @phick , can you please be more precise as to what interaction should stay (or not stay)?

What steps should be skipped from what you described?

Does the user even need to see the data before exporting? And why? Any editing needed before export?

Once I’ve setup the report layout, the user won’t have any need to edit it. I’d like it to be as simple as possible for them to use, basically point it at the input folder and press play.

When I’ve made similar things before I’ve made outputs via an Excel Writer or SDF writer node, but this case requires a more complicated layout, hence the need to use the report editor to prepare the output. I guess what I’d hoped was a node that can run as part of the workflow to automagically prepare the report (using the layout I have defined) and save it to a specific folder.

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