Quickform filters

Hello everyone!
I m quite new to Knime and trying to use Knime’s Webportal to display interactive Dashboards.
Workflow properly displays on the webportal but there is no interactivity with the quickform filters (filters and range sliders). Whatever I do in the webportal with the filters, graphs remain the same (corresponding to default value filters).
Is there a way to apply changes dynamically on the webportal? (screenshot of the workflow wraped in a wraped metanode enclosed)

Thanks a lot in advance!


I have a suspicion that the problem lies in the fact that the four filter nodes (top left) all precede the Range sliders on the top right. You’d need to have the first set of quickforms in one wrapped metanode on one page, and the next set on another page.

Thank you Jonfuller ! :slight_smile: