Quickform Nodes Positioning

Dear KNIME user community,

I'm using Quickform nodes to create a wrapped node with a specific configuration menu and I'm wondering how to control positioning and order of the different menu forms. In former posts I've found some hints that there is (or was?) a weight parameter in the quickform configuration which controls where the according forms should show up.

However, in KNIME Analytics version 3.1.2 there is no such weight parameter in the configuration menu of quickform nodes. The positioning only depends on the node IDs of the quickform nodes.

Is there a useful way to control the positioning of the different menu forms?

Kind regards

Hi Tobas,

you can arrange the layout of the quickforms for the pages on the KNIME Webportal. Is this what you are interested in? A detailed description you can find the webportal user guide.

It is not possible to arrange the dialog components for the dialog of the wrapped node currently.

Best regards, Iris 

Hi Iris,

thanks for your reply! I want to use the quickforms just for the dialog of the wrapped node itself. - But actually the forms order is not that much important. I was just wondering why the useful weighting option was dropped in the newer versions.

Kind regards, Tobas