Quit WebDriver error

Hi Philipp,

Using Chrome webdriver, I open a website find and select elements from dropdowns, selects an iframe, fill out a form within that frame, submits, and take a snapshot. The worflow then runs quit webdriver, which does close the browser but throws the below error and stops the workflow:

ERROR Quit WebDriver       0:47       Execute failed: Selenium data not available. Please re-run the complete workflow.

I have the workflow within a loop with openning the website and quit webdriver inside the loop so it opens a new browser on every iteration. The webDriver variable is in the output of the node directly before Quit WebDriver, so I am not sure why it's not working.

Another scenario: If I take start webdriver and quit Webdriver and place it outside the loop it will give me a green light but not close chrome.

What can cause these behaviors for the webdriver and how can I avoid these problems? 


Hi glenerik,

this is an issue which we have fixed recently. The fix is available via the most recent update (as already noted in the other thread). So, could you simply try re-running this worflow after updating to the most recent beta-10.3 release?

If you still encounter the problem, it would be very helpful, if you could enable DEBUG logging in KNIME and send me the log output. This makes it easier to track down the problem.

I'll check about the behaviour for the second scenario and get back to you asap. Of course, the corresponding browser should close when running the Quit WebDriver node.


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