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I have a question that I’m sure is very easy but I can’t.
After occupying the node “String To Document” I have a result with quotation marks (“XXX”). I would like to remove the quotation marks. I already tried with String Manipulator but it gives me an error.



Hi @D_Valle , the quotation marks you saw there are merely how things are displayed on your table when you convert strings to documents. The original content (text) itself wasn’t changed/modified. The reason you can’t get rid off them is, because the quotation marks don’t “exist”.

Two ways you can view the content within the documents (to validate that the quotation marks don’t exist):

  1. Using Document Viewer Node
  2. Using Document Data Extractor Node and choose the document body text.
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Hello @D_Valle

‘String Manipulation’ node:
substr($text$, 1, length($text$)-2)

or ‘Regex Split’ node:


The error in the String Manipulation node is caused because the " needs to be read as a literal " and not as a " which begins denoting a string.

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 2.14.44 PM

See the workflow here where I did this:


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