R connection problem for MPI.CBG HCT tools

Hi all,
trying to run Dose Response (R) node from MPI, with R normally set and RServe running quietly for other plotting R script, I got the following error just for this node:

Configure failed (ForbiddenClassException): de.mpicbg.knime.scripting.core.rgg.wizard.ScriptTemplate

Any hint for me? I was running KNIME v.4.6.3

Best regards

@agiani99 could you give us more details? Did this ever work? What R package were you using? Did you use the community nodes or the ‘official’ R nodes (KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration – KNIME Community Hub) (I would recommend the official ones).

What R version are you using (check version of R packages in KNIME – KNIME Community Hub)?

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Sorry mlauber71 for late answer:
R version is 3.6.1
Rserve version is 1.7-3.1

@agiani99 you will need at least Rserve version 1.8-6. Also R itself is now on a higher number.


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