R Corrplot on Knime

Hi Knimers

I still struggling when using R on Knime but  I'm getting somewhere :)

My task is run some visualizations from corrplot package (https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/corrplot/vignettes/corrplot-intro.html)

I've done the correlation matrix and its perfect :)

But I can't plot the visualizations :(

Should I use a new R snipet node only to plot

I'm doing this in just one R Snipet:

knime.out <- as.matrix(cor(knime.in))
corrplot(knime.out, method="circle")

I always appreciate your help!!!

Hi Fabio please find attached a working example of the correlation plot. I do not know much about the corrplot package so probably the plot does not make sense. 

Hope it helps

Best regards


Hi Fabio I managed to make the proper plot by making a small modification in thr R code. 

Please find attached the example.

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Hi there!

Tks but I can't download this file.

Can you check?


Hi Fabio, sorry for the bad upload, please see with this file 

Best regards



Hi Mau

Now I understand ! You used the R View node and wrote in a different way!

Thanks for the explanation but I don't now why is not working here...It's requiring corrplot package but I already have installed.

Error in R code: "Error: there is no package called 'corrplot'"

Any tip?

Hi Fabio, I set up R in File/Preferences/R and I installed the corrplot package in R.

Please see the image:


Hope this helps


Worked perfectly!

Tks Mau!