R integration for dummies

Hi Knimers!

Any step by step available to use R on Knime?


Have a look at the example workflow on the server:

EXAMPLES > 07_Scripting > 02_R > 01_Example_of_R_Snippet

If you have troubles with installing the R integration on Max OSX, you might find this post helpful. On Windows, the R integration works out of the box without the need to install Rserve.


Hope that helps,




My R is pretty well integrated with Knime ;)
   ...but I still have some doubts:

1- What is the difference between R Snippet and R Snippet (2:1)?

2- I still don't know how to use the script editor (sorry for that). My main issues are:
        2.1 - I couldn't understand  why the script editor start with the code "rOut <- kIn" (sorry for that)
        2.2 - How can I install a new package (Hmisc for example)?
        2.3 - How can iI run this code using all of my columns? (knime.out <- rcorr(as.matrix(knime.in)))

Thank you all!