Hello all,

I'm using Knime for the first time and I really like it.

My question is:  Can I read a R-script in Knime and how can I do it?


Thank you very much,


You would need to install the R extension from our update site and copy you R script into one of the R interactive nodes (inside the KNIME Labs) category, e.g. R Snippet; make sure your variables match the knime.in and knime.out variable place holders.

Hi, I'm a new Knime user and I'm trying to run a workflow which uses R packages. I have installed knime Analytic version, but it says it is missing "org.ext.r plugin". How can I install the R package on knime? I am using knime on Mac OS.



Help > Install new software > KNIME Labs should get you pointed to the R (interactive) extension.  Install this, and you will get some new R nodes under the KNIME Labs category. 

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