R node problem in Mac osx 10.10.5

I have Mac OSX 10.10.5 and KNIME 3.6, R 3.3.3 installed. I don’t know whether I am the only one who is struggling to sort this out for couple of days as I can’t see the similar link or solution on the forum.
I am trying to Integrate R interactive node in KNIME. I have set the path to R home in KNIME under KNIME preferences by getting the path from R (R.home) which is as follows for your reference.
Restarted both R and KNIME.
Rserve started in R.
But still I can’t see the R interactive node in Node Repository, is there anything I am missing? Please help

Also, I need to use C5.0 library in KNIME how would I use this? Any step by step instruction and suggestion will be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance


To install R you could have a look at this Post

You might want to be aware that there have been problems with specific versions of R and KNIME under macOS. Maybe you should use a newer version of R (3.5.1), and you need the package RServe installed on your Mac.

Does R run „standalone“ on the Mac or with the help of RStudio? If not further components might have to be installed.

Hi @saritaneupane,

Did @mlauber71’s answer solve your problems?

I want to point out here, that the KNIME AP will start Rserve itself, no need to do that yourself. You will need to specify the path to R home in the KNIME AP preferences, though, as mlauber71 pointed out.

Cheers, Jonathan.