R Node Problems on macOS for R version 3.5.3 with KNIME 3.7.1


Good day.
Does any one know how to install Rserve 1.8.6 in MacOS,
latest Rserve for macos is only with ?
I having issue with the R3.5.3 and KNIME 3.7.1
where my R node show “R evaluation failed” at KNIME.

ERROR: Could not execute internal command.ERROR: R evaluation failed.: "sapply(ls(),function(a)class(get(a,envir=globalenv()))[1])"ERROR: R evaluation failed.: "sapply(ls(),function(a)class(get(a,envir=globalenv()))[1])"ERROR: eval failed


There is a blog entry where I try to address this problem:

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Hi mlauber71,

Thanks for the update and info. It do help a lots to resolve this problem.
After read lots of post including the ref link you provided, here are the step i do to resolve this Rserve 1.8.6 issue on mac.

Here are my steps to Install Rserve1.8.6 in my mac:

  1. Remove old clang, gfortran in my usr/local and usr/local/bin
  2. Reinstall latest Xcode, clang and gfortran.
  3. Check gcc and install, make sure all dependency install:
  4. Install macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg
  5. Make change on Makeconf file:
    • “/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/etc/Makeconf”
    • Change CXX = g++ instead of clang++
  6. Re-install Rserve package again:

Here is my Rserve with working R node in KNIME:

Cheers and have a good day,


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