R package

I am learning knime firstly,I want learn how to use package of R into knime,can  you give me an example and give me step to step,thanks

Have you seen our webinar on YouTube about the R Integration in KNIME?


Once small difference between the nodes in that video and the current releaes of KNIME is that the R nodes shown have been moved to a top level group in the node repository. 

thanks,but how to change from default R in KNIME to own version of installed R?

I tried to change the file location from the KNIME default to my own version of

R,can you give me an example?

Hi Jing, 

First, make sure you are using the latest version of KNIME (2.10).   From the R version that you would like to use with KNIME, try typing "R.home()".  This will give you a path to that R installation's home directory. You will also need to install the R packages "rJava" in this instance of R.  You can then point KNIME to this R installation from the R section of the KNIME Preferences.  You may need to restart KNIME, but after that you should be good to go. 




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