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Dear All,

I tried to view data using R , I use local installation. I load the library rgl and used plot3d, the graph is created correctly but vanish quickly. do I anything wrong? can suggest me other approach? i need to have 3d chart interactive. 

In order to reproduce the problem, can you please post the R script that you execute with the R View (Local) node. Thanks.

My code was very simply . I used as input the iris dataset from serverworkflow r-sample.



where x,y,z are the name of the columns

For a sew seconds the output of 3d plot interactive is done correctly..but vanish.

I do something wrong , I'm beginner to use r and r in knime

The R View node is just running R and sending graphical output to a png file, which is then displayed in KNIME.
Interactive plots are therefore - as far as I know - not possible.

When you use the rgl plot3d no standard plot-output is generated and therefore the RView node ends the R session - terminating the interactive 3D scatterplot visualization.

You can extend the time the window shows by adding something like


to the end of the R script. This gives you 30 seconds :slight_smile:

  • Ulrich

Hello, Ulrich,

Thanks for your great explanation. 

I implemented plot3d() with Sys.sleep(3000), but the plot has a lag when you move the cube around and its not as smooth as when you do it in R. 

How can we resolve this lag?

Dataset - IRIS

Workflow - R example workflow (In the Examples Workflow)

Node - R VIew(Table)

R Code - 


data = knime.in

plot3d(data[,2], data[,3], col=rainbow(2), type = "p")



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