R plotly graphs

Hello guys,

I am using a “R View (Table)” node to draw a 3D graphic with plotly package.

The code runs without problem, but when I select “Show plot”, it displays nothing. Any suggestions?

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Marcelo Conte

Hi @Marcelo_Conte -

Are you able to see the plot by right-clicking on the executed node and selecting Image Output?

If so, note that within the node configuration, the script must be evaluated before the Show Plot button will produce results.

If you can’t see the plot at all, could you post the workflow so we can troubleshoot further?

Hello Scott,

Yes, I’ve already selected “Eval Script” option before “Show Plot”. I’m used to build ggplot graphs with R View (table), but that’s the first time I’m trying to use plot_ly.

I have made some changes and now my code is opening a web page to display the 3D graph, not an usual view as other plots. I uploaded the workflow for you.

Plot_ly.knwf (3.8 KB)

I took a look at your workflow, thanks. In this case, KNIME is doing what vanilla R does - since the Plotly object is an HTML file that references a bunch of Javascript, as opposed to a standard image file, it instead brings up the web browser to display there. I did notice that RStudio is able to handle Plotly in its viewer window, which is handy.

I’ll mention this to our devs as something to consider. We already integrate the Chromium browser for our JavaScript view nodes anyway, so maybe we could leverage that to display more complex Plotly visualizations?

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Hi scottf.

Have you considered making an improvement to the R_View nodes, so that the visualization of the Plotly interative graphics is within the node, as with the General JavaScript node?

Maybe integrate the Chromium browser for R node ?


There has been some internal discussion about that, yes, but I can’t promise when or if that functionality will be made available. I can add a +1 from you in our ticketing system, though.

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Dear Scott, please add also +1 from me. Thanks.


Same here, please add a +1 from me. Any news on this functionality?

Same for me here. Add a +1.