R script - 2 files (Tables)



I have to join 2 tables using KNIME.

1 table contains "Number" and "Slot"

2 table "Number" and a column with a list of numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7...15)

Moreover for each row the list is different and in second row would be (16,17...30) in third (31...45) etc.

If the slot in first table was say "33" then Join would bring Third row from second table.


Problem is R snippet can only have an imput from 1 table not 2 at the same time.

I can't see nodes that would perform such Join.


Do you have an idea how to accomplish this task ?

Data set is about 30 GB of rows to join and I can't use R for it as it will eat all the memory.




Hi Dominic, you can use the the joiner node in knime or there is a reason to use the R node?

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I prefer to use KNIME but you can't join column with 1 number per row with another column where there is a list of say 15 numbers per row.


I thought that R snippet could look into this second column and assess if there is matching number within this row.


Now if you are aware there is some KNIME node that can do it then great yes let me know about it :)


Hi nick I think you can try the R Source (Workspace) node in Knime and make all the process in that node, for instance you can read the CSV from there and then exporte the output to a node called R to table. 

I am attaching an example workflow that shows the capabilities of the R Source node and in the third example I called a CSV file from my PC.

Hope it helps


I cant merge using it as the logic would require 2 inputs into the node.

But anyway I will think how possibly it could help as it seems it may at some point.






I think what mauuuuu5 is suggesting is that you load the second table into R from the source file, or wherever you are getting it from, using R code, inside your R Snippet.

However you can easily get more than one KNIME table into R using KNIME nodes: start with 'Table to R' to load the first table, connect the R workspace from this node to 'Add Table to R' to load the second table, and finally pass the workspace on to 'R to Table' where you return the data you want back to KNIME.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do what you want, which I don't fully understand without seeing some example input data and the desired output, but if you want to use R then this is how to do it.