R Snippet 2:1


I got this error coming from my R snippet 2:1.

Execute failed: Cannot invoke “de.mpicbg.knime.scripting.r.AbstractRScriptingNodeModel$RType.equals(Object)” because “t” is null t

Do any of you guys know what this is for? I tested the code in R and it is working, I changed the syntax to match the Knime R environment however after 2000 tries I still can’t get it to run. DO you guys have any feedback on how much load the R snippet can take it and whether I can rely on this node.



@YannSeebah welcome to the KNIME forum. You are using a community edition of the R nodes that will need an active RServe instance in a separate R session outside of KNIME.

You could read about this here.

Maybe you can give us a sample of the code where this problem exists.

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Hi, I have already done that, and R is working fine for me.

I just got this script which is giving me this error. Any other ideas which solutions I may have for this problem?



If you would give some more details about what you want to do, maybe a sample code, the script or which R module you want to use, or the actual error message it would be easier to help you.

Have you tried to use the generic KNIME R integration instead of the community nodes?

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