R snippet and column names like "0"

Hi there,

I have the following problem. I have a table with column names “1”, “2”, “3”, … and I want to process them with an R snippet. As a test, I executed locally the following R-command:


which would give me back an empty table.
If I rename the column to “test” before, I don’t get an empty column; I get the column with all its values like it should be.
If I execute


the returned table will have column names like “X1”, “X2”, “X3”, …

(when I ran a remote R-snippet with a comparable table, the Rserve was killed… that’s how I came to this problem)

Can anybody help?


I found out, that this is somehow special to R. If I would read in a csv-file in R like described above, I would also end up with column names “X1”, “X2”, …

Anyway, this case should be handled somehow because it’s not obvious to the user what happens on the way from Knime to R and just causes confusion.


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