R snippet for Mac

Good evening,

I am having some issues loading an algorithm written in R. I have installed all the necessary packages, my software versions and libraries are updated but I cannot run the R script.

It is weird since I can evaluate the algorithm inside the configuration settings in R snippet however, I cannot run the node. I believe that there is a problem with the output port that doesn’t allow me to run the node on MacOS.

Thank you for you support,

@matteo_ticli could you tell us more about the script and your settings? Most likely it is because of and older version of RServe (you need 1.8.6) that causes problems.

You could check the status of your R installation with this workflow:

And then you might want to check the MacOS section of this collection for further hints.

If possible you could provide us with a sample workflow that demonstrates the problem, without spelling any secrets from your data.

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