R Snippet knime.in

I am suddenly having an issue with R snippets and it seems to be in the first few lines. This used to work previously, but no longer and I am not sure why…

My_Database ← knime.in

If I run just this part of the script, I get the error “Error: object ‘knime.in’ not found”

I don’t understand how or why that would have changed. Even running knime.out ← knime.in throws up the same error! I have not (as far as I know) updated anything. I am quite baffled; does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Sorry all; jumped the gun a bit! There was a poorly-formatted field. I didn’t realise that can break knime.in! Removed and it’s working. I just cant figure out how to delete this post, so I thought I should at least post the answer so it’s here if someone else has the same problem.


No worries, thanks for posting the solution!

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